Dungeon Grid

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A dungeon grid defines the positions where dungeons can spawn.

These grids consist of a set of dungeons belonging to this grid, a side length, a chance and weight and a spread factor.

The length defines the size parameters of each grid cell and thus the density of dungeons spawning on this grid.

Each grid has it's own config file and there needs to be at least one grid for the mod to work properly!

Configuration values

Option Data type Description Constraints
distance Integer Side length of one grid cell, defined in chunks. Has to be at least 1.
spread Integer It is used to define the area around a valid grid position where dungeons can spawn in. Has to be between 0 and distance.
rarityFactor Double The lower the weight of the selected dungeon and the higher the total weight of the dungeons that can spawn at a grid position, the more the generation chance gets boosted. Has to be positive.
checkRadius Integer Defines a radius in chunks. This is used to check for other cqr-structures generated by a grid with a higher priority. It is used to avoid overlapping. Has to be at least 0.
chance Integer Chance for this grid to try to generate something. Has to be between 0 and 100.
priority Integer Priority of this grid. This is used to calculate the generation order of grids when trying to generate a structure. Lower priority means that it gets selected before grids with a higher priority. It is to be understood as a place in a queue. Has to be positive.
offset Integer When there are 2 grids with the same distance then 1 grid can be offset to avoid overlapping. Has to be at least 0.
dungeons List of Dungeon Configuration names Defines the dungeons that use this grid.