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Dungeon inhabitants are configuration files that are required for dungeon generators to place the mobs.
In short they define what mobs can appear as normal enemies or as bosses in the dungeon.


Like mentioned before they define what mobs can appear. But there's more to it.
They also allow to overwrite the faction of all mobs that spawn or to set the banner in the dungeon.
Also they allow to set the Dummy Shield replacement of all mobs. These options only affect mobs that spawn from a CQR-Spawner in the dungeon.


Creating a new inhabitant config is simple. All you need is a text editor and an empty .properties file.
Once you have that file you can start editing it.
To help with that task here is a list of all required entries for it to properly load and function:

Option Data type Description
name String The unique name of this inhabitant config. This will be used in the other configurations to reference this.
possibleEntities List of ResourceLocation ID's of all entities that can appear as normal enemies in the dungeon. You can add any entity, and you can add the same entity multiple times to make it appear more often. Be careful when using non-cqr entities, this might cause unexpected behavior, but it should not crash.
possibleBosses List of ResourceLocation Same as above, but for bosses.

There are also some optional entries, you need to specify them though. If you don't want to use one of these options, simply set it to UNUSED

Option Data type Description
shieldReplacement ResourceLocation This defines the item that the mobs with a Dummy Shield in their offhand. Can be whatever item, but the ID should be valid.
factionOverride Faction Name of the Faction that gets applied to every entity that spawns in a dungeon. Has to be a valid Faction
banner CQR-Banner Name of the CQR-Banner that should be used as the banner replacement. Has to be valid.