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The development of Chocolate Quest Repoured was pretty interesting throughout it's 1 and a half year before the first public build was released. And development continues to be very fascinating even today.

June 2018 to Early 2019: Steady Beginning

The mod became an "idea" on June 18, 2018. ArloTheEpic (A friend of Chocolatin) had gotten tired of Chocolatin being absent from the internet for more than 2 years at that point and he wanted to carry on Chocolatin's legacy by recreating the mod for newer versions of Minecraft (since the mod couldn't legally be ported without permission from Chocolatin), beginning with 1.12.2. At the time Arlo had found a few artists that were willing to help working on the mod and one programmer named Tiviacz1337 however the progress would still be slow for the entire mod, thus only the items, blocks, and shields were implemented at the time. The mod was also planned to be made for 1.10 and 1.13 but in December 2018 that plan was scrapped, and the mod would only be made for 1.12.2 as the first release and ported to newer versions later on.

April 2019 to December 2019: The Mod Comes to Be

Progress on coding the mod would be slow until April 2019 when a software engineer and coder named DerToaster joined the team, from that point on the mod started to take shape and the dungeons and mobs would slowly be implemented. Another programmer named Meldexun would also join the team a couple months later and help DerToaster with the coding, specifically with the dungeon generation system. The mod then entered Pre-Alpha stage sometime in May 2019 and originally Pre-Alpha builds would be publicly released in July 2019 but that was canned, and instead Alpha builds would be public releases towards the end of 2019. Some Pre-Alpha builds were given out to various testers in October 2019, however. The mod was pretty much ready to be released in December 2019 and was finally released to the public on December 31st, 2019, as Alpha build 1.0.0.

January 2020+: Continued Development

At this point, the mod would receive constant updates throughout 2020, although slowing down at times due to developers becoming busy. Most would be patches but some would be major updates that push the mod forward, the mod would also get a curseforge page in early 2020 aswell, also in early 2020, the mod would require Llibrary to function as it was mainly used for animating the big Tortoise, this mod requirement would last until April 2021 when it was replaced by Gekolab for being more reliable. Updates would slow down by Late 2020 however on November 10th, 2020, the first Beta build would be released, and it now meant the Mod was now much more complete in this stage although still lacking a good number of features. The mod would slow down on updates in 2021 and mainly receive them during January, April and Late 2021. On November 23rd, 2021, a year after the first Beta's release, another major update would be released however this time it was said this was the final update for Minecraft version 1.12.2.

Originally the next major update was going to be on version 1.16.5 which there would be only one version for that before the mod moved on to 1.18+. However around August 2023, that plan changed as 1.19 and 1.20 released which introduced more internal changes that would make porting the mod from 1.16.5 even harder, so the 1.16.5 version was scrapped and the mod would be remade for 1.20.1 as 1.12.2 and 1.16.5's code bases were largely incompatible. The work that was done on the 1.16.5 version is still available on CQR's Github and can be compiled into builds, but it is very incomplete and unstable. The 1.12.2 version still receives bug fixes, but eventually support will drop unless there are significant bugs that would need to be fixed.

Whilst the Pre-Alpha builds were never released to the public in 2019, in late 2020 the Devs decided to release whatever Pre-Alpha builds they still had left to public so you can see the very early developmental stages of the mod before the first Alpha build was released. At least 6 Pre-Alpha builds still exist today and they are from September-December of 2019 which were the last final few months of development before the first public release, even earlier ones have not been released yet, likely due to how unstable they are.

Late Pre-Alpha Builds

0.3.0 Pre-Alpha December 30th, 2019 (Later in the Day)

Because this build was on the same day as the other one, there's barely any differences.

  • The Boarmage now has its fire attacks implemented.
  • Due to the file size getting much larger in this build, it seems like more dungeons where being added at this time.

0.2.0 Pre-Alpha December 30th, 2019

This build is one day before the first alpha release so there's not really a lot of differences between it and the next build.

  • The Giant Tortoise now has animations of going inside and out of the shell.
  • The Necromancer only has 3 attacks where it shoots vampiric spells, summon in a skeleton head that shoots projectiles, and evoker fangs in a circle. It can also teleport.
  • The Boarmage only had one attack that explodes when you are right next to him.
  • The Lich’s shield doesn’t work for the player as you can still hurt the lich regardless of the shield.
  • CQR Mobs can now use ranged weapons.
  • The Walker shield texture was updated to the Alpha one.
  • The Chocolate Quest Repoured items creative tab is more organized in this build.
  • CQR Mobs now only carry one potion instead of 3.
  • Pollo was added.

Mid Pre-Alpha Builds

0.1.8 Pre-Alpha November 16th, 2019

Since this build is only 7 days since the previous, there are not as many changes. This build was also used to showcase Boarmen and the updated dummy/equipment system.

  • The Giant Tortoise was updated, where it now rocks back and forth in its shell and its hitbox on the head is much better in this build.
  • The turtle and heavy iron armor models are implemented.
  • Dyable iron and diamond armor were added.
  • Spears were added.

0.1.6 Pre-Alpha November 9th, 2019

This build is definitely more complete in terms of CQR Mob AI compared to the previous builds, this build was used to showcase the pet AI of CQR Mobs and is less than 2 months before the first Alpha release.

  • The structure selector is now renamed to the Selection Selector Helper.
  • The Giant Tortoise is in a very early state here where it doesn’t have any animations and stays inside its shell always, it also uses slime sounds and can’t be hit normally. It can still attack though, and it has potions equipped.

-This is the first known build where most structures naturally spawn in.

  • CQR Mobs can now talk in emotes when there is a group of them, they can sit down when no enemy is around, and they can tame/ride animals now.
  • Mandrills are implemented but they don’t have their leap attack yet.
  • Tritons now have their model, but no green variants have been added yet.
  • CQR Zombies now have their Alpha texture.
  • The staffs are now far less broken but still have a few reloading glitches.

Early Pre-Alpha Builds

0.1.4 Pre-Alpha October 9th, 2019

This build is more complete compared to the September build as the CQR Mob AI has been worked on, more Mob and Models have also been implemented (although most don’t have textures/models yet), and this build also was also nearly 3 months before the first Alpha came out.

  • CQR Zombies’s texture has been updated to look like the vanilla Zombie texture but the model of them is different from the vanilla Zombie, as they don’t have 1 arm and 1 leg in their model. They also have Zombie sounds now.
  • The Nether Dragon now has AI, has sounds, a *wormy* animation, can attack, and be interacted with.
  • CQR Mobs can now block with shields.
  • Abyss Walkers when spawned in, have random sizes and scaling (Other CQR Mobs have this too), their idle sounds also happen much more often in this build than the Alpha.
  • CQR Mobs’s armor still falls off before they drink their last potion but if they have 2 or more potions then the armor will break after the first potion is consumed.
  • Dungeon Placers still aren’t in yet but now you can have access to several test dungeon placers with models of some structures used in the first Alpha and some even unused, though they don’t do anything when placed and if you hover over them, it crashes the game.
  • Boarmen are now, well named Boarmen in this build and use the same textures as the Alpha, although their back texture looks a little different.
  • The Giant Silverfishes are implemented although they are not properly named yet.
  • All of the shields that are in the first Alpha including the Walker King shield are added.
  • The Spawner Converter is implemented.
  • The textures of the muskets with daggers are implemented.
  • Tritons and the Nether Dragon have joke names in this build given by the developers.

0.0.5 Pre-Alpha September 9th, 2019

This build is very early in development in terms of gameplay of the mod and only contains a few mobs from the mod you can spawn in. Some items have early/placeholder designs, and some also have no textures yet. Only one custom shield is in the mod. This build was also used to showcase the dummy system and is also nearly 4 months away from the first Alpha release. The build also has an internal version number of 0.1.2 referenced from the ingame Minecraft config.

  • Boarmen are named Pigmen in this build and have the same texture as vanilla Pigmen.
  • The Nether Dragon is in a very early state where it has no animation, no sounds and can’t be interacted yet. Although it can still be pushed around with explosions.
  • CQR Zombies have an entirely different texture that doesn’t look anything like the Alpha design and instead resembles a bloody and skeletal Steve. They also don’t have Zombie sounds yet.
  • CQR Mobs aren’t programmed to use shields yet.
  • CQR Mob’s armor falls off before they drink their potion.
  • The Walker shield has a different texture. And has the same description as the walker king shield.
  • CQR Mobs in general lack a lot of AI compared to the first Alpha release and later Pre-Alpha builds and they only have their healing potion AI implemented and only attack the player.
  • CQR Mobs don’t know how to use ranged weapons yet.
  • The staffs have a glitchy animation and their projectiles won’t always spawn.
  • The Selection Selector was originally named the Structure Selector.
  • No structures appear to exist in the config; however, The Wall is in this build if you go to XYZ Coordinates: 0, 0, -8000. It looks identical to the Alpha version and no CQR mobs spawn on it yet.


Pre-Alpha 0.0.5 CQR Zombie.png

CQR Zombie from Pre-Alpha 0.0.5 and also a look at The Wall with no CQR Mobs on it.

Pre-Alpha 0.0.5 Boarman.png

CQR Boarmen from Pre-Alpha 0.0.5 that's using its old Pigmen name and using its model.

Pre-Alpha 0.0.5 Nether Dragon.png

The Nether Dragon in a very early and incomplete state from the Pre-Alpha 0.0.5 build.