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What Minecraft version is it on?

CQR is at the moment available for Minecraft 1.12.2. The next major update after V2.6.0 is planned for 1.20.1+. It's release status is currently unknown.

How can I help?

If you are a good programmer and have experience with programming in general and with forge, we may give you a try.
At the moment what we need the most are sound artists, so if you are able to create epic sound effects, please apply on our discord.

Will Soul Weapons be making a return?

No, Soul Weapons are now their own separate mod, it is called Soulbound Armory and was made by transfarmer.

Will Capsule Stations be making a return?

No, Capsule Stations are now their own mod made by Lythom, you can find it here.

Will NPCs be making a return?

Yes, but they are pretty difficult to implement so please be patient. They however won't be the same as in 1.7 and won't be compatible with those.

Will the Cloud Boots and Golden Feather return?

Yes, they are in the mod, and they also were made into their own mod, which you can find here.

Will the 1.9 features return?

Yesn't, nobody knows what those could've been, so we don't really know.

Will there be new features?

Of course! There already are. However, one of the main plans is to integrate CQR better with other mods, however, those integrations will be special loot for the most time.
We plan to add new features, items, enemies, dungeons, etc to the mod too of course.

Will Hornet Nests be making a return?


Will X be making a return?

If it hasn't been addressed specifically, it will most likely return. However, there are things that won't come back, like features that got replaced by vanilla features like the armor stand, or features that got cut in later versions of the mod or got replaced (like the magic system).
But almost everything will return at some point, but it may not be the exact same as in cqc.

Can I be a moderator on the discord?

Probably No.

What happened to Chocolatin?

Alas, we do not know, but we can't find any sign of any of his accounts anywhere on the internet that he has been online since May 2016. One member on the CQR team did manage to track down Chocolatin's bank account and found out it stopped working, but we don't know any more details from there.

Is this legal?

The mod's official license does not explicitly state either way. Since the mod needs to be effectively rewritten from scratch either way, so long as it has a different name, it should be fine. New textures may need to be made for the things but compared to the amount of work that the other things present, this is a miniscule problem, and can probably be polished off in a couple of hours. Additionally, I have permission to edit and do what I like with the world where the dungeons were all built, and although I don't think this is what I was intended to do with that permission, it's still technically permission. Chocolatin has also been fine with other people's forks in the past, leading me to believe that this project won't anger his ghost. Finally, as the official community manager for the original mod, as well as a guy who directly contributed a big chunk of the Dwarven Villages to the mod, and the owner of the official wiki, there is nobody else better able to give the go-ahead on this project than myself, save for Chocolatin.
So probably yes but I'm not a lawyer.

Is this a port/update of the old mod?

No, it is not.

Why is it taking so long?

Almost all of the most active developers have jobs and a life, we don't always have the time and motivation to work on it. Also, we want to give you a high-quality mod when it comes out, and quality takes time.

Why won't X be implemented? Why did you discard my glorious idea?

There are 5 possible reasons for that
  1. It does not fit to the mod itself or its theme
  2. Either Arlo or Toaster or any other leading person of the team said "No"
  3. It is too much effort for us, or we don't have the time for it
  4. It already exists in a separate mod
  5. It is outside of what forge or Minecraft can handle

When will it be completed?

When it is completed, we do this for free in our free time and have other more important things to do than working 24/7 on a Minecraft mod.

Will all the player-made-dungeons return?

We don't know and we can't say that as we don't have the rights to these structures. They however can return if their author decides to adapt them to CQR's new dungeon format.

Will there be new dungeons?

Of course! There already are some in the mod!

Where can I get version 1.1d for Minecraft 1.7.10?

You can download it on the CQC Wiki or Curseforge though it is not listed on the main page, you need to grab it from the „Files“ page.
Or you could just click this link.

Where can I get a build for Chocolate Quest Repoured? Where can I download Chocolate Quest Repoured?

You can download it on our our website(old), our curseforge, our discord, or on our github.

Please port [modname]

We are not a general mod porting team. We are here to recreate Chocolate Quest, and maybe add in some features from Witches & More, though there's no plan to port that whole mod. That's it. I'd recommend looking to other developers.

What is/will be in the next update?

Just be patient. Those questions won't be answered cause it is effort towards us to actually search out what has been done since the last update.

Does this work with [modname]?

Probably yes. It will be faster to test this yourself than it would to ask this question here basically 100% of the time, so download the mod and go nuts!

How does the protection system work? How can i disable it?

For each structure that spawns (NOT the dungeon type/config) a so called protection zone is generated if it is enabled for this dungeon type in it's config.
Each structure has a boss and some also have a so called "Force Field Nexus" (ffn from now on).
By default a protection zone is only generated if there *is* a boss to defeat or a ffn to defeat/destroy.
Once both are destroyed (or just the boss or block if only one is present) the zone will destroy itself allowing you to edit blocks.
Since Alpha 27 the protection system can be turned turned off globally in the main configuration file (accessible through cqrepoured.conf in the config folder or through the forge ingame configuration menu).
To turn the creation of the protection system off, shut down the game, go into the dungeon configs folder and set "enableProtectionSystem" to false. Note that this will turn off the initial creation of a protection zone for dungeons that *will* spawn.
To manually remove existing protection zones, leave the world or shut down your sever, then go into the world's folder. The following steps need to be repeated for the dimension folders as well.
  1. go in the data folder
  2. in there, go in the "CQR" folder
  3. once there you need to delete the "protected_regions" folder
  4. If you don't want to delete all of them, open that folder. In there you should see nbt files, these can only be opened with a nbt editor (see minecraftwiki for that). These files hold information about the protection zone, so read those files and delete the ones you need
Note: When a dungeon was generated with CQR v1.20.0A (Alpha 26.0) - v1.21.2A (Alpha 27.2) the protection zone of that dungeon won't disable itself after defeating all bosses (and temporary bosses) and force field nexuses. To fix this just update CQR to v1.21.3A (Alpha 27.3) or newer.

Something does not work after the update (e.g. loot doesn't work) and i did not read the changelog or followed the update instructions?

Follow the update instructions, seriously. We note down important stuff there that needs to be done for the update and mod to work correctly, such as deleting the old configs for example.

When will you release the next update?

Updates are generally released every Tuesday, if there is no update for a while, we either don't have time currently or we are working on something big and important.
The Tuesday update scheme does not apply to bugfix updates, which may be released outside the schedule.

Why does the dragon helmet render as a 2d square on top of my head?

The model for the Dragon has not been created yet, until it is, we don't know what the Dragon's head will look like, and so the dragon helmet, which is just a dragon head worn over the player's, will not have a model, until later.

Why isn't [boss that isn't returning] returning?

In most cases, this is because the boss in question was a boss for a faction which, as of 1.7.10, is now considered friendly to players, and has no need for a boss. The mechanics from these bosses that are deemed interesting enough to keep around will be moved to other bosses. If there are any bosses we are not bringing back in some capacity besides this group, I cannot remember what they were.

Why are there no crafting recipes?! I can't craft armor with the standard crafting recipes!

There are no and there won't be crafting recipes for the most things. The ATM unobtainable items will be obtainable as a reward for quests or via trading with NPC's. If you want recipes, feel free to use a mod like crafttweaker to add recipes yourself. However, some of the armor can be found in structures so you technically don't need recipes.

The structures do not generate?

The structures are rare. To check if it actually generated something, open your world's folder, then go into data/cqr and open the "structures.nbt" file with a nbt editor, if there aren't any "dun-[DUNGEON NAME HERE]" list entries, then you did not install the mod correctly and it didn't generate a thing!.
If it still does not do anything, shut down your game, open your installation (.minecraft folder or the folder where your modpack is), then go into the config folder. There you'll have to rename or delete the cqrepoured.conf file and the CQR folder. Then simply relaunch the game.
One side note: There is a certain radius around the spawn where dungeons can't spawn in, by default this radius is set to 25 chunks (=400 blocks).

The structures do not generate correctly?

You did update the mod the wrong way, to fix this, go into your config folder and delete the CQR folder and the cqrepoured.cfg file and restart the game.
For the future, read the update instructions listed in the changelogs!

Are there any incompatible mods?

All incompatibilities that we know of are listed here Incompatible mods / conflicts, if you find more, please report them to us on our discord.

Why can't i break or place blocks in dungeons?

Because the protection system is still active. To disable it, defeat all the bosses and destroy all force field nexus blocks in the dungeon.

Does this work with Biomes 'o plenty?

Yes, yes it does.

It works totally fine with biomes o plenty when using the default config, you may want to adjust the Dungeon Configuration to fit your use case.

When will you update to <any newer version than 1.12.2 here> ?

As stated in "what version of Minecraft is this mod for", the next major update after V2.6.0 is planned for 1.16.5, but only one release for that version is planned and no new content will be added, the mod will then move to the latest 1.18 version. Right now, the mod is nowhere close to being fully ported over to 1.16.5, so patience is needed.

How can I re-enable the structures in the "disabled" folder?

That's simple, grab the .nbt files and put them in the structure folder of a enabled dungeon config.

For the seasonal dungeons (St. Patricks day dungeon or the shower canyon for example), you just grab them and drop them in <CQR folder location>/structures/castles/normal/. Then they are able to spawn in new chunks when CQR decides to generate a castle.

How can I join a faction?

See this page here for information on factions and how they work: Faction

Where can I download / upload player made dungeons?

We have something in the works for that (dungeonshare), for the moment please share them on the discord in #cqc-dungeons). For the old CQC pmd's look at the old CQC Wiki.

Why is it taking so long to create dungeonshare?!?!

Cause I (DerToaster) am the only person working on it and currently don't really have the time for it.
Though it is about 75% done I don't really want to give it to the community for the following reasons:
- I first need to talk with a lawyer about the responsibleness for content on the platform, I don't want to be legally responsible for people posting questionable content on my platform
- I do not have the time to work on it currently
- I don't really feel like the Minecraft community in general deserves things made with love and dedication (no I do not wish to discuss this, people that discuss this on the discord server will get blocked and muted for 1 week, if they continue it, they will be instantly kicked)
- It is not done yet, some core critical features are still missing
Overall please be patient, it will be done when it is ready

The structures are too rare / I want to change the spawn rate of structures

First: The structures are intended to be rare. This can be changed though.
To change these values, you need to adjust mainly the Grid Configs, see this page here for details: Dungeon Grid
You can also change the weight and chance settings in each individual dungeon config, please see this article for more details.